Ronin Russia

About the Company

Ronin Investment Company was founded in January 2008 as an arm of Ronin Partners Group in Russia.

The Company delivers wide range of high quality services. For several years Ronin ranks among the top of the biggest Russian investment companies and is rated high by the leading Russian rating agencies.

Brokerage activity

Ronin is one of the leading Russian brokers. The company operates in all sections of the Moscow Stock Exchange and in OTC market, providing clients with direct access to trading of bonds, stocks, currencies, options, futures, repo transactions.

Traditionally strong competencies of the company are focused in the sphere of fixed income instruments. Among our clients we have private, corporate and institutional investors.

Investment advising

Highly qualified specialists provide individual support of trading on financial markets, active investment management and solutions on special issues. The clients who work independently and implement their own trading strategies appreciate objective analysis of strengths and weaknesses of their investment ideas. Professional investment advice minimizes risks and delivers value to portfolio management.

Custody services

Availability of own depository enables us to provide a full range of custody and related services. Ronin depository within shortest terms executes transactions with different financial instruments, such as securities of Russian and international companies.


Transactions on foreign stock markets are carried out through the European broker Ronin Europe.

Residents of the Russian Federation may employ services of the Russian company, and for non-residents of RF and persons, who want to conclude agreement according to European Union regulations, it may be more comfortable to work with the Cyprus company.

Market positions and ratings

Over the several years, we keep leading positions in the Russian market of investment services.

According to the Moscow Exchange on Top Market Participants


by total volume of clients’ transactions / April-May 2015


in the Euro-Dollar market / February 2015


in the segment of corporate bonds (main trading mode, negotiated trades and CCP negotiated trades) / March 2015


in the government bonds segment (negotiated trades, main trading mode T+ and CCP negotiated trades) / September 2015


in currency tradings by volume of client transactions / June 2015

According to survey of investment companies made by the rating agency Expert RA in the first half 2014


by the brokerage turnovers


by aggregate dealers and brokerage turnovers


by aggregate turnovers in terms of individuals client base


by aggregate turnovers in terms of legal entities client base

According to survey of investment companies made by National rating agency in the first quarter 2015


by the brokerage turnovers


by exchange trade turnovers

According to Cbonds agency in 2014


among the bond issues underwriters (24 issues of 20 issuers)


among the bond issue arrangers (8 issues)

According to the recent rating of investment companies by RBC agency (2012)


by all instruments trading volume


by exchange trade turnovers


by the brokerage turnovers


by volume of OTC turnovers

High level of credibility
Hight credibility
Extra-high reliability

Activity in the Primary Bond Market

The company provides services of investment advisor, arranger and underwriter of bond issues, providing issuers with support at all stages of the issues.

Underwriter and arranger in
bond issues
Placement bonds of
billion roubles

among arrangers of bond issues


among underwriters

in 2008–2014
According to results of 2014 by Cbonds agency
April 2009
$ 2 250 000 000
The largest Eurobond issue in Russia
Chief co-organizer

In 2009, Ronin participated in arrangement of the first since the crisis of 2008 and at that time the largest in the Russian history placement of Eurobonds – Gazprom loan for USD 2.25 billion.

January 2010
IPO UC Rusal
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Anchor investor

In 2010, Ronin Partners was the third largest anchor investor of IPO UC Rusal in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Private equity

Private equity is one of the priorities of Ronin Partners Group. The private equity objects are mainly mid-sized companies from various industries.

Key criteria for equity financing

  • A clear strategy for the development of business
  • History of dynamic growth
  • Competent and strong management
  • High degree of entrepreneurial initiative and responsibility
  • Solid reputation
  • Profitability of the business

Our competence

Ronin acts as financial investor. We see our mission in providing high-class expertise in business development strategy and contributing our managerial competencies. Independent directors selected with our help and forming the top management with powerful reputation and long-term successful experience in the relevant industry also, allow to ensure a new impulse and a fresh look at the business development.

Our financial and intellectual investments allow the partners’ business to move to a whole new level of development, increasing their added value. By transforming from a trademark into a brand, a company increases its investment attractiveness.

With an extensive database of contacts we are able to attract strategic and financial investors into subsequent investment rounds, including by means of the market of public or private debt (by placement of bonds), bank financing (project, mezzanine, etc.), private placement of shares.

Corporate Finance

The situation existing at each particular company and its financial needs are unique and require individual approach. Whether we arrange financing or provide consulting support, we always guard interests of our clients. The basis for the intended effect achievement is the successful history of our team’s work with enterprises from various economy sectors, the leading positions in the Russian financial market, and the reputation of a reliable partner in the investment and banking community.

We possess a wide range of investment and banking products and a vast experience of working with companies of various levels, whether they are the largest representatives of the Russian economy’s leading sectors or medium-sized business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We use a comprehensive approach to facilitating M&A deals. We consult our clients on such matters as the deal’s strategy and structure, advise them on how to increase the asset’s investment attraction and perform financial analyses. In addition to that, we can help coordinate a deal with all stakeholders, including client’s representatives, legal and business consultants and auditors.

Depending on what a particular client wants, we offer, without limitation, the following services:

  • search of investors and sale of a company;
  • fundraising through share placement for investor’s benefit;
  • finding targets for and organizing business acquisition deals;
  • facilitating merger deals.

Consulting Services

The Group’s team has extensive experience of rendering consulting services for sale and acquisition of business, pooling and restructuring of assets. Within the financial consulting area, we perform analysis of financial activities of an enterprise, elaboration of its development strategy, business planning, capital structure management, evaluation of investment projects, and provide other services helping to be more efficient in carrying on financial activities and exploiting new opportunities.

Arrangement of Financing

We are ready to arrange raising of funds for the companies’ various corporate tasks. Ample opportunities for debt capital raising are available to our clients for financing of investment projects or acquisition of assets (M&A). We can provide financing both by arranging an exchange or off-exchange issue of bonds among professional investors and by raising debt funds from the largest Russian and foreign partner banks (LBO and MBO).

Private placement of shares can be the most suitable source of capital attraction for fast developing companies aimed at solution of ambitious tasks. In such cases, we provide the Group’s own financial resources or place shares with a wide range of Russian and international investors.