Ronin Europe provides brokerage and portfolio management services to investors,  including large private and institutional clients. The company provides direct access of Ronin Partners Group to the global financial markets. Ronin Europe works for the world’s leading exchanges and cooperates with the world’s biggest banks and investment houses. The company got the long-term and short-term counterparty credit ratings from international rating agency Standard & Poor’s at the level of ‘B / B’.  

    The company uses a direct account in the international settlement and clearing center Euroclear.

    Ronin Europe is licensed by the Republic of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. License number: 081/07

    Among our partners
    largest foreign banks
    foreign brokers
    Counterparty credit rating

    Trading operations

    The European broker Ronin Europe arranges the clients’ access to the trade in various types of securities on the leading stock exchanges worldwide, OTC and derivative markets.

    Both, the company internal resources and possibility effectively to raise funds in the market allow us having a considerable reserve of liquidity which we can provide to clients on attractive terms. We carry out operations in all major trading floors worldwide. Almost all financial instruments are available to our clients. The company pays significant attention to provision of analytical support to clients and to investment advice. We support our clients in search of interesting trading ideas and help them to react timely to changing market conditions. Transactions may be executed through a personal broker or independently through information and trading system. According to investment needs of clients, we improve electronic trading platforms which fact allows us to achieve better results.

    Portfolio management

    For clients who wish to transfer funds in trust, we are ready to implement an exclusive investment strategies. When developing strategies, our managers and analysts take account of the investors’ appetite for risk, expected returns, the investment horizon, and other individual factors.

    Ronin Partners as a private company is absolutely independent in its investment proposals: we manage portfolios according to investment objectives of a specific client. Our management of large capitals is based on rational investment philosophy, focused on capital preservation. As thrifty investors, we fully realize what we invest into and why. Such an approach results in transparent and intelligible investment strategies, which give our clients confidence in their investments with Ronin Partners. Presence of strong competencies in debt instruments allows not only to get a coupon yield, but also to execute active trade with the aim to capitalize on changes in the debt securities price. We only invest in assets if they meet predetermined criteria. Liquidity is one of the fundamental principles when choosing a security to implement this strategy. Efficient management of bonds duration allows to achieve the necessary results, which is possible owing to thorough analysis of macroeconomic and monetary policy, and effective forecasting of the interest rate change and consequences thereof. In the stock and currency markets, we always follow a deep fundamental and technical analysis for each investment, selecting the most undervalued assets. On the whole, we try to demonstrate the highest possible result within the client’s investment declaration, while remaining committed to conservative principles.

    Principles of management

    The client policy of the Group is based on reliability, professionalism, comfortable interaction and confidentiality. We strive to build long-term relations. It has taken some clients many years or decades to build the capital, and our principal mission is to protect and increase it during long periods of time. We really appreciate that our team has been showing a stable track record over many years, and unfailingly following the time-proven investment principles.

    If you have any questions, related to brokerage services and portfolio management in Ronin Europe, please contact the Client Service Department
    Anton Andronov


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