Ronin Europe

Our services

Brokerage Services

Ronin Europe gives its clients the ability to invest in financial instruments across asset classes and global markets. We offer access to the leading exchanges worldwide and can help clients invest in fixed income instruments, equities, currencies, via futures and as well in over the counter and derivative markets.

Portfolio management

Individuals who transfer funds to us in trust are provided with personalized investment strategies. Our portfolio managers and analysts consider risk appetite, expected returns, investment horizon, and any other personal preferences to create custom solutions.

Ronin Europe manages investors’ funds based on a rational investment philosophy that is focused on capital growth and preservation. As value-oriented investors, we carry out thorough research that allows us a full fundamental understanding of the assets in which we invest. Our approach creates transparent, clear-cut investment strategies that allow our clients to have utmost confidence in our decisions. We strive to earn the highest possible returns for our clients while maintaining stringent adherence to their personal risk tolerances and always following conservative investment principles.

Principles of

The client policy of the Group is focused on reliability, professionalism, ease of interaction and confidentiality. This approach helps us build the long-term relationships for which we strive. Many of our clients have spent years or decades to build their wealth, and our mission is to protect and increase this money over the long term. An unfailing adherence to time-proven investment principles has helped our team build a consistent track record over the entire period that we have managed client funds.

Custody Services

Ronin Europe’s arrangements with leading custody providers across the globe allow our customers to feel secure that their assets are being held safely and give us the ability to invest in markets worldwide. We utilize direct accounts at Euroclear for most of our developed market business and have reliable asset safe-keeping solutions in place in a range of more exotic markets such as mainland China, Hong Kong, India and Korea. A focus on investment in high-quality proprietary IT systems and a group of proactive, experienced professionals ensure that our custody department’s operations are smooth and reliable.